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The Worship Committee has decided to align our mask protocols with those of the Clinton Public Schools. Currently, masks are optional. You are welcome, but not required, to wear a mask.  A designated area for social distancing will also be available.
If you would like to check the levels of Covid in each CT town, you may access the CT Covid Datatracker map

We are pleased to announce that we have opened our doors for in-person worship on May 23, 2021! We are so happy to have the opportunity to be with each other again. Please read the guidelines below so you know what to expect.

IMPORTANT: Our mask Policy has changed as of November 21st, 2021. Please see below.


Since the onset of Covid-19, our Worship Committee has been meeting regularly to make adjustments to our services so that we can continue to worship together as a church family.  Upon the review of recent Covid data for the town of Clinton, the committee has decided to:

1.   Maintain social distancing in the rear of the church for those that prefer to wear masks and sit socially distanced.

2.   As of April 2022, We are aligning our mask requirements with those of the Clinton Pubic Schools. 

3.   Communion will continue in the small packets for those who wish. Communion will also be received at the altar.


Online Worship:

The service will continue to be live-streamed and uploaded to YouTube and local access television. Click the broadcasts tab for more info. Be sure to use the chat if you are watching the Live-stream for sharing birthdays or anniversaries with us.



Masks rules are those that the Clinton public schools are following at this time. You are welcome to wear masks if you wish at any time. There is a socially distant section where masks are required.



You may sit where you would like, but we will continue to reserve two rear rows of the sanctuary for those who need or wish to remain socially distanced. Masks are required in these back rows only. These pews are clearly marked and the ushers are available to assist you. The balcony is for the audio-visual team and their families only. With this plan, we will be able to continue praying and singing together without creating additional risk.



Singing is allowed! Our choir returned in September 2021 and it has been a joy to have them back.

The offering plates will be passed except in the last two rows reserved for social distancing. You may also leave your offering and prayer cards in the white box by the back of the church or send your offering through the mail. Thank you for your continuing support.
Fellowship Time:

Fellowship time is back! Food and Drinks are allowed to be shared.


The worship committee will monitor the situation through the end of January and revisit these guidelines at that time.

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