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Covid Map for 02/27/22 - Clinton is labeled orange. According to our protocol, we need to be not red for two weeks.This will be our first week, so masks are required. Access the map here. The CT Dept. of Health updates the map each Thursday.

Covid Map for 02/20/22 - Clinton is labeled red. It has been red for 2 weeks, so masks will be required for all. Access the map here. The CT Dept. of Health updates the map each Thursday.

Covid Map Feb 27.png
Covid map Feb 20.png

We opened back to inperson worship on May 23, 2021. Since then, we have adjusted our guidelines according to the levels of Covid-19 in our community.

IMPORTANT: Our policies have changed on December 22, 2021. Please see below.


Since the onset of Covid-19 our Worship Committee has been meeting regularly to make adjustments to our services so that we can continue to worship together as a church family.  Upon the review of recent Covid data for the town of Clinton, the committee has adopted these guidelines:

Online Worship:

The service will continue to be live-streamed and uploaded to YouTube and local access television. Click the broadcasts tab for more info. Be sure to use the chat if you are watching the Live-stream for sharing birthdays or anniversaries with us.



Masks are dependent upon the levels reported on the CT Covid Data Tracker website. When the Data Tracker has Clinton labeled as red for two weeks, everyone will be required to wear masks. Once Clinton is in the grey or orange zone for two weeks, masks will become optional for those that are vaccinated.



While in the red zone will return to socially distanced seating throughout the sanctuary. You may only sit with your cohort group. Every other pew will not be used. The balcony is only for the audio-visual team and their families. With this plan, we will be able to continue worshiping together without creating additional risk.



As of February 20th, singing is allowed, but masks must be worn while singing.

The offering plates will not be passed when the pews are set for social distancing. You may leave your offering and prayer cards in the white box by the back of the church or send your offering through the mail. Thank you for your continuing support.
Fellowship Time:

Fellowship time will be held in Fellowship Hall. No food or drink will be allowed, as masks are mandatory. Please practice social distancing.


The worship committee will continually monitor the situation and remain in contact with the bishop. Thank you for your understanding.

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